Concept store

The challenge

Working in the city, we found it really hard to follow a healthy diet. Excluding, for obvious reasons, the local restaurants and convenience stores, the offer was very limited. With the explosion of health food awareness, more product based brands appeared on the market: the salad bar, the taco bar, the Vietnamese soup and so on. Definitely an improvement, but still product-driven and didn’t guarantee quality and freshness. We decided to think about how we could innovate.

The solution

It was time for a new fast food brand with a simple message, ‘wellbeing’. Our solution was to create a new methodology based on quality, transparency and social engagement. Together with a team of experienced chefs and nutritionists we produced a healthy, balanced menu based on quality ingredients from a short chain supply. We then designed and patented the first labelling software that can instantly rate male and female nutritional values in food, even if you created it yourself. This way you can monitor your intake of nutrients and calories in relation to your gender, putting you in control of what you eat.