Are we ready for acceleration?

Validation, validation, validation
Validation: It’s a concept we all get at the beginning of a startup, but one that it takes much longer to master. The fact is that when you are working at your first Minimum Viable Product, you are often so excited and so confident that tend to look for every signal to support your feelings and discard anything does not. Big mistake.

if you accelerate in a broken car you are likely to have an accident. But if a car is strongly engineered from the start, it might just win the race. I hope Nuwe is ready be pushed into the future at high speed.

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Will wearables really become jewellery?

It looks to me clearly as if wearables are now opening up into becoming jewellery items. But I believe we’ll see a focus on fashion rather than simply jewellery in the narrow sense.

With the Internet of Things as a complementary trend, we should expect the things we use daily to ‘come to life’ and either collect important data about us or help us achieve things more effectively and efficiently. Wearables actually manage to help in both ways: they can either be health and wellness trackers or payment and security tools that use your heart beat to login and authorise transactions. It sounds futuristic but it’s happening.

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