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Functional Integration: a strategic growth model for the digital age

The conception, design and execution of interactive and interconnected ecosystems represents a completely new dimension of growth enabled by transformative technologies. The intent of my research is to investigate this phenomenon and understand in deeper detail the benefits of new growth strategies, and to explain the model in a more specific framework capable of being measured and applied by most brands. 

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Understanding the future of innovation

In this blog post, I would like to share my observations and ideas for debate about inter-connected ecosystems. Now there are new opportunities emerging for startups to use these principles for themselves, or digitally enable other existing players.

Overall, my assumption is that companies today need a ‘functional innovation’ strategy. This can help them predict the evolution of user functions, and stretch core capabilitiesat the same time, making a highly effective and powerful way to meet emerging consumer experience trends.

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Can incubators and accelerators help tackle youth unemployment?

This article discusses how the model of incubators and accelerators could be applied to a different set of players, to solve a different problem: unemployment among the young. Since moving back to Italy, I have seen how relevant the problem of unemployment is to young people: today it stands, shockingly, at over 40 percent. If we engage, we can help young people to expand their potential within the new digital economy, instead of being left behind by it.

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What’s the ideal role for government within digital transformation?

In September of last year I was invited to a convention called ‘Energie per l’Italia,’ organised by Stefano Parisi, a leading figure on the Italian political scene. The initiative was based around a subject close to my heart: generating new ideas to energise Italy, especially from a technology point of view. Connectivity is radically changing the world, and the architecture of networks and platforms should help to reduce inequality in society. 

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Introducing my research on ecosystems and functional integration strategies.

The main objective of my research is to provide a framework for managing ecosystemsthat leverages a mix of traditional and digital business models to grow. The research is driven by the rising phenomenon of functional integration, which large brands such as Nike and Apple have been exploiting with great success. In the digital, social, and mobile age, interactive interconnected ecosystems have helped digital pioneers like Amazon and Google as well as mainstream players like GM, BMW and McCormick. New opportunities are emerging for startups to use these principles for themselves, or digitally enable other existing players.

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