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Understanding the future of innovation

In this blog post, I would like to share my observations and ideas for debate about inter-connected ecosystems. Now there are new opportunities emerging for startups to use these principles for themselves, or digitally enable other existing players.

Overall, my assumption is that companies today need a ‘functional innovation’ strategy. This can help them predict the evolution of user functions, and stretch core capabilitiesat the same time, making a highly effective and powerful way to meet emerging consumer experience trends.

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What’s the ideal role for government within digital transformation?

In September of last year I was invited to a convention called ‘Energie per l’Italia,’ organised by Stefano Parisi, a leading figure on the Italian political scene. The initiative was based around a subject close to my heart: generating new ideas to energise Italy, especially from a technology point of view. Connectivity is radically changing the world, and the architecture of networks and platforms should help to reduce inequality in society. 

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