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The world of trading and investments awaits you on Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 June 2019 at the Rimini Conference Center for the largest event in Italy dedicated to consulting professionals, traders and savers. Training meetings, conferences, workshops, 300 speakers and 100 exhibitors await you to introduce you to the most innovative digital finance solutions.


15:30 Agorà Room 3 - Blockchain: Disintermediation or disintegration of trust?

16:30 Agorà Room 3 - Security Token, how to invest and why

A new kind of ICO was born recently, the Security Token Offering. How to exploit and earn through this new tool?


Sergio Mottola, President of San Marino Innovation

Pietro Azzara, President of Italia4Blockchain

Raffaele Battaglini, Battaglini De Sabato Law Firm


Federico Morgantini, Forbes Italia

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Seeds & Chips: The global food innovation summit
12:15 pm12:15

Seeds & Chips: The global food innovation summit


What we grow from the Earth, and from our minds, can shape the future of food.

The Summit includes more than 30 thematic conference sessions with hundreds of speakers who discuss their work and offer solutions to our most pressing challenges.

Topics explore every aspect of the agrifood chain including precision agriculture, traceability, AI, circular economy, investment, and open innovation.

The ecosystem is the new black. How blockchain is changing the rules of the game.

Building on the positive momentum achieved in enhancing transparency in supply chains using the VeChain blockchain, DNV GL, in partnership with other companies and stakeholders, will take the next steps and introduce a wider eco-system concept. The purpose is to create alignment and societal engagement on wider topics linked to SDG’s (the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals) and circular economy, such as greener mobility or achieving higher recycling rates where multi-party activities need to be defined and incentives operationalised. Smarter inclusion of citizens and corporations allowing them to do good and be rewarded in the form of pre-defined value transfer enabled by a blockchain platform will be explored and discussed.

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Computational Law & Blockchain Festival 2019
to 31 Mar

Computational Law & Blockchain Festival 2019

  • Talent Garden Fondazione Agnelli (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

CL+B Fest is a "decentralised festival", a global event on the subject of computational law and blockchain that develops simultaneously in the world through independent and self-managed "nodes" of the global Legal Hackers community.

The Turin node, in this second edition, will host in-depth round tables and training sessions on the following topics:

  • Blockchain, smart contracts and ICO (Saturday 30 March);

  • Artificial intelligence and robotics (Sunday 31 March);

For a total of:

  • 8 round tables

  • 2 keynote speeches

  • 30+ speakers

  • 13 hours of content

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World Blockchain Summit
12:00 pm12:00

World Blockchain Summit


World Blockchain Summit is a global series of elite gatherings that take place in 15+ destinations across the world.

It connects global blockchain gurus and technology players in this space including emerging startups – with regional businesses, government authorities, IT leaders, tech entrepreneurs, investors and blockchain developers.


The summit features enterprise use-cases, government use-cases, inspirational keynotes, panel discussions, tech-talks, blockchain exhibition, startup pitch competitions, and a host of networking opportunities.

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Blockchain per le Imprese
3:00 pm15:00

Blockchain per le Imprese


Blockchain for businesses: Know it to use it to the fullest!

What this technology can do for the benefit of businesses or to improve people's quality of life depends on how the companies and people intend to use it and the constraints they intend to adopt in its development.


Also interveening:

Dr. Flavio Mauri - Cerved Group Spa

Dr. Enrico Mercadante - Cisco Systems, Inc.


Sergio Mottola, President of San Marino Innovation, will illustrate what has been done and the next steps of the project, which will see the Republic acting as a global hub of blockchain, able to attract companies that want to develop applications based on this technology.

The AvantGarde Group, Cerved Group Spa, Cisco Systems, DNV GL and Oracle Corporation will report on the opportunities of this innovative technology and its practical applications reserved for companies already in use in Italy and in the world.

Any Blockchain project must necessarily provide an adequate legal and regulatory framework, which is why the Scientific Committee has used the collaboration of leading law firms such as Gattai-Minoli-Agostinelli & Partners and Loconte & Partners that will expose their regulatory proposal. , seen not as a limit, but as a construction of a balance between innovation, people and businesses.

The training and information day is aimed at institutions, CEOs, managers and entrepreneurs who want to fully understand how to solve business problems and growth opportunities thanks to the practical applications of blockchain technology.

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Blockchain Business Case Forum
9:30 am09:30

Blockchain Business Case Forum


Blockchain Business Case Forum confirms the participation of Sergio Mottola, President of San Marino Innovation, an institutional body 100% owned by the excellent Chamber of the Republic of San Marino.

San Marino wants to become a world-wide development center for the blockchain technology - we are creating the minimum indispensable base for attracting companies: clear rules of the game and an adequate verification tool that guarantees the integrity and transparency of the ecosystem.

An interesting initiative also for Italian companies, not only from a technological point of view, but also from a legislative point of view.

More info at Community NDT

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